ios 15 beta release date

iOS 15 Beta Release Date

iOS 15 Beta 2 Release Date. Apple has introduced the new iPhone operating system iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. You can read all about the release date and functions such as widgets here.

At WWDC 2021, the first fully virtual developer conference, Apple will introduce the new iPhone operating system iOS 15 and the new iPad operating system iPadOS 15.

All information about the release date and the functions of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 can be obtained here from us at a glance.

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When is iOS 15 beta coming out

iOS 15 Beta Release Date: June 7

Apple plans to release iOS15 and iPadOS 15 in the fall. The tech company has not yet announced an exact release date for its new operating system – as is so often the case, the Californians still take some time. The public beta version, i.e. an unfinished version of the programs, will be available from July. As always, the operating systems should be offered free of charge.

Car keys and more: What are the functions of iOS15 for the iPhone?

iOS15 brings numerous innovations for the iPhone – many of which allow greater personalization of the device. In this way, users can adapt their iPhone to their usage habits even better in the future. An overview of the new features can be found here:

  • Widgets: The widgets previously parked on a separate screen can be dragged between the apps on the home screen using iOS15. This allows users to place the weather widget or the widget of their banking app between the applications.
  • App-Library: With the “App Library” it is possible to see all the apps on the iPhone in a thematically organized overview.
  • Messages: Similar to other chat programs, Apple’s preinstalled messenger program now allows direct quotes and replies in group chats.

What functions does iPadOS 15 offer?

  • In addition to the innovations announced for the iPhone, the iPad operating system iPadOS 15 has some exclusive features. You can find an overview here: Functional bar on the side: The new command bar on the side of many apps makes it even easier to use – and gives the apps the look of a Mac application.
  • Search function: The improved search function helps with app and file search.
  • Apple also improves the “Augmented Reality” functions of the iPad. The new iPadOS 15 runs on devices from the iPad Air 4.

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