iOS 14 Public Beta Release Date

iOS 14 Public Beta Release Date. Apple this week introduced iOS 14 as part of WWDC 2020, which is already available to developers. Despite this, the company plans to release a beta version of the update for public access in the near future.

Cupertinians report that the public beta of iOS 14 will be available in July. Immediately after launching, everyone can take the test, users can install the update on their iPhone and iPod touch without the need for a developer account. A public beta test does not mean that iOS 14 will not contain errors and performance problems, but at least it will be stable enough for more users.

Apple did not specify when exactly in July the publicbeta test of iOS 14 will be launched. This may happen as early as next week, but most likely it will happen in the middle of the month.

If you are not ready to sacrifice the stability and performance of your device, then in this case it is better to refrain from installing the beta version of iOS 14 and wait for the fall. As a rule, Apple releases a stable version of the operating system update after the announcement of new iPhones.

How to install the iOS 14public beta on your iPhone

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