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iOS 14 Beta Release Date and Features

iOS 14 Beta Release Date. For Apple lovers with experience, the release date of the new version of the OS will not be news. iOS 14 beta will be released in 22th June 2020. It will be possible to update automatically, as usual, or through “Settings” – “Basic” – “About this device” – “Software version”.

The announcement of the iOS 14 beta will be this summer – there are also no surprises here. In June, we will learn about all the innovations directly from the developers at the WWDC 2020 conference. The most likely dates for the announcement are now considered June 22. After that, participants in open beta testing will be able to try a new axis on their devices before the release.


Despite the fact that there are no official details about the update, authoritative sources (in particular Bloomberg) say that we can prepare for the following:

  • Updated home screen. It is not known exactly what changes will happen, but there are suggestions that now on the screen you can see not only application icons, but also widgets, like on the Apple Watch;
  • dark theme. Following the recently released macOS Mojave, developers are adding a dark theme to mobile devices. Now the owners of the iPad and iPhone will be able to go to the dark side;
  • updated photo search. According to information from Bloomberg, in the new version there will be an intelligent search throughout the photo library, which will allow you to find any desired image using the keyword – just write what is shown on it. Something similar, but in a weaker version, has already been implemented in the Photos application;
  • Updated “Files”. The application “Files” appeared in 2017, and since then has not gained popularity among users. Apparently, Apple is planning to fix it. While the exact changes are not known, but most likely, support for many file formats will be added, editing them directly from the application or opening through appropriate programs;
  • animoji. Owners of the iPhone X and newer devices will be available a few more new animoji. Most publications are also confident that there will be support for sound effects – for example, an animoji cat will meow in response to a user’s voice;


There is currently no exact list of devices that will be supported by the new iOS. Many resources claim that Apple will “cut off” all products before the 2016 release. However, it is worth noting that this is only an unconfirmed rumor. Such a sharp removal of a number of products from the updates is in principle uncharacteristic for Apple, and in recent years there has been a tendency to extend the support period.

  • iPhone SE 2020
  • iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max/11
  • XS/XS Max
  • XR/X
  • 8/8 Plus
  • 7/7 Plus
  • 6s/6s Plus
  • SE
  • iPod touch (7th generation)

How to install the iOS 14 public beta on your iPhone

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