iOS 14.3 Beta Download

iOS 14.3 Beta Download

There are many bug fixes in the iOS 14.3 beta 4 download. As with the beta updates in the previous version, the first beta update of the new version seems to be more concerned with bug fixes and operating system optimizations.

iOS 14.3 Beta 4 Release Date: December 27

iOS 14.3 Public Beta 3 is out! How to install?

There is no technical difference between the Public Beta versions and the Developer Beta versions. The first detail that catches the eye is that Shazam, the music recognition application, can run on the iOS 14 Control Center.

In this version, you can move Shazam from Settings to Control Center. Apple bought Shazam in December 2017 for $ 400 million.

To install the iOS 14.3 public developer version, you need to register for the Beta Software Program by clicking here.

  • You must register with your Apple account by clicking the Sign Up button on the page that opens. Those who have registered before can log in by clicking the Sign In section.
  • After accepting the contract, you need to click on the iOS section and click on the “Enroll your iOS device” link under the Get Started heading.
  • Then you need to download the Public Beta profile from the Install Profile section and install it on your device.
  • After successfully completing the process, you can download the Public Beta version in Settings> General> Software Update.

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