Download iOS 13 Beta 3

Apple has released the iOS 13 Beta 3 update for its developers. With iOS 13 Beta 3, the system is now offering a more stable experience.

Apple released the iOS 13 Beta 3 update for developers today. Solving all the problems I observed in Beta 2, Apple, Arcade subscription to the App Store innovations are also being made. Focusing on stability rather than innovation, Cupertino company will release iOS 13 free of all problems in September.

If you have a developer account; You can download Beta 3 from Settings> General> Software Update. All the innovations that come with iOS 13 can be found below.

All the innovations that come with iOS 13 beta 3

With iOS 13, the long-awaited dark theme option has been added to the system. Thanks to the dark theme, the iPhone X and iPhone Xs will save battery power. The iOS keyboard can now be typed by scrolling, as in other 3rd party applications. With iOS 13, Face ID runs 30 percent faster, apps become 60 percent smaller, and all apps open up twice as fast as iOS 12.

For now, Apple Maps offers a more detailed experience than Google Maps in the United States. Apple Music comes with the ability to show lyrics in real time. Notes, Mail, Reminders and Photos application is completely refreshed. In the Photos application you will now be able to edit in more detail and see your memories in more detail.

iOS 13 comes with the Apple login option. You’ll be able to log in to apps like your Facebook and Google account with your Apple account. But here’s a very fine point. Apple, like other companies do not provide your email address directly. You can create a random email and register it securely.

HomeKit is now becoming more secure. Thanks to HomeKit compatible routers, you can ensure the safety of all HomeKit devices in your home. Now you can add makeup and accessories to mimogies. You can also use your mimogies like emoji in iMessage and other messaging applications.

When AirPods is in your ear, incoming messages can be read and answered instantly. You can also transfer the music you’re listening to your friend’s AirPods with the sharing feature.

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