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iOS 13 Beta

The WWDC 2019 (World Developers Conference), which Apple’s twenty-ninth, this year, was a big disappointment. There is no doubt that the most curious guest of the WWDC 2019. Was the iOS 13 operating system, as it was the case every year. But Apple, having a great deal of pain due to iOS 12. Chose to focus on performance and reliability rather than innovations in the new operating system. The lack of any new touches that made the iOS 13 beta the target of criticism arrows has made.

With the launch of iOS 13 on June 4, the developer pre-release was also available for download. We also installed iOS 13 operating system on iPhone XS Plus. Let’s see what’s waiting for us from iOS 12 to iOS 13?

What does the iOS 13 beta offer?

It would not be wrong to say that iOS 13 beta is a performance-oriented update in general. But there are no small innovations. Let’s take a closer look at the innovations that come with the iOS 12.

New notification grouping feature

Long-standing notification grouping feature on the Android side was included in the iOS ecosystem along with the iOS 12 update. By categorizing the notifications, this feature allows you to change the notification settings from the shortcut in a single touch. Without wiping the grouped notifications to the right and following the [Settings> Notifications] steps.

Another noticeable point was that notifications were not categorized according to applications. To give an example, message notifications from a group of WhatsApp that you are involved are categorized according to people. Who are texting from group participants rather than grouped collectively. While message notifications from person B are grouped in a separate category. In short, a more customized notification grouping feature is waiting for us.

New Screen Time feature

With the application limits feature added to the display time section. You can limit your use of your application according to your own criteria. In particular, this will facilitate the work of parents, especially children’s phone use is under strict control.

If the time limit set for the application is exceeded, you receive a warning as shown in the image. If you wish, you can delay the incoming warning screen just like the alarm, but also deactivate the time delay feature. While it is not possible to access applications with a time limit before the 24-hour cycle has been completed, a short hourglass icon appears underneath these applications.

Group FaceTime up to 32 people

With the updated FaceTime application, it is possible to make up to 32 voice and video calls simultaneously.

New Siri shortcuts

iOS 13 with virtual assistant Siri shortcuts, makes your phone use more effortless. Siri, who is following closely the things you do often, offers you a variety of shortcuts. You can also set Siri shortcuts yourself with Siri Shortcuts supported applications.

Sometimes a single command may not be enough for Siri to fulfill your wishes. In such cases, using Siri shortcuts can make life more practical. With Siri shortcuts, you can add a command with your voice to Siri, the function you want in a single step. For example, we want Siri to open the homepage of HardwareNews via Safari. To do so, go to the Safari section of the Siri shortcuts and add a DH command via the hardware link of the hostname. If you say “DH” every time you open Siri, you will open the homepage of HardwareNews directly from Safari.

New ARKit 2.0 supported measurement application: Measure

ARKit 2.0 can measure the dimensions of the objects from end to end with the Measure application introduced with it. While the application can automatically detect three dimensional objects properly, the user can perform manual measurement by specifying a point on the edges and corners. The Measure app, which occasionally can do non-reflective measurements, will make more realistic measurements with the final release of iOS 12.

iOS 13 Beta Download

You can download the pre-release version of the developer by clicking on this link for your iPhone or iPad. The version you will download is the developer Beta version of iOS 13, so you might have to face a variety of issues. The iOS 13, which will be available for download at the end of September, will support the following devices:

iPhone: iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

iPad: 12.9 inch iPad Pro (first and second generation), 9.7 inch iPad Pro, iPad (fifth and sixth generation), iPad Air 2, iPad Air Mini, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2

iPodTouch (sixth generation)


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