iOS 13 Release Date and Supported Devices

Among the many innovations Apple introduced in WWDC 2019 was the iOS 13, the iPhone’s newest operating system. When will iOS 13 come up with many lasting innovations for users, and what devices will iOS 13 release date?

iOS 13 Release Date

Apple introduced a lot of information about the iOS 13 it introduced at WWDC 2019. iOS 13 will be the new operating system for iPhones and will bring many new features to iPhone users. So, when will iOS 13 release date? When we look at Apple vermes past export dates, we see similar dates in general. According to this; iOS 12: Monday 17th September iOS 11: Tuesday 19 September, iOS 10: 13 September was introduced on Tuesday.

When dates are clearly seen, Apple is offering the update to its users early in September. This year, it is expected that the order will continue for years. This means that the iOS 13 update will be available to users in September.

Which devices will iOS 13 come for?

iPhone Xs , Xs Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE

Can I download iOS 13 Beta already?

Users registered with the Apple Beta Software Program can use the latest iOS updates as Beta. For example, the user registered to the Beta program can download the iOS 13 Beta update to their phone and get access to the new features before anyone else.

It is also worth mentioning that you will be using an operating system that is still in the testing phase, although you are registered to the iOS Beta program. The beta version may show performance or other troubles on your phone.

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