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iPhone 11 Pro 2019: release date, features, review

A little more than two weeks remain before the main event of this fall. Apple will launch the new iPhone 11 Pro on September 10th. And also the final versions of all operating systems including iOS 13 and watchOS 6 will be released.

As we said earlier, the closer the presentation date, the more information about iPhones will appear. Perhaps, as in the past year, the photo and presentation of the iPhone 11 will be merged into the network the day before the event. But until this happens, there is new evidence.

Some of the information confirms early rumors. Some details are opened from a new angle. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

iOS 13 release date – September 2019

Like the presentation date, the release date for iOS 13 has specific deadlines. The release date for iOS 13 is the second half of September 2019.

Apple has been releasing iOS versions for many years in the second half of September, two weeks after the presentation of the new iPhone. There are no prerequisites for the fact that in 2019, in the case of iOS 13, something will change.

iPhone 11 Pro Max will receive a 3500 mAh battery

The three new iPhones of 2019 will receive a small update in terms of features. One of the important ones is the increased battery capacity on all three models. So according to DigiTimes:

  • 11: 3200 mAh battery,
  • Pro Max: at 3,500 mAh,
  • R: 3000 mAh battery.

On average, this will increase the battery capacity for the 5.8-inch version of iPhone 11 by about 20%. Add 10 percent for the 6.5-inch version of 11 Max and increase the 11R battery by 2 percent. Which corresponds to early rumors and probable forecasts.

Larger batteries will extend battery life in the 2019 smartphone lineup. A 20 percent increase on average for the larger OLED model is likely to lead to a significant increase in battery life.


iPhone 11 Pro: new sensor, A13 processor, charging

According to previous reports, the new iPhone will support the new Haptic Touch sensor and offer an unchanged Face ID module. The sensors will be equipped with a new polygonal sensors with a wider level of image coverage. This will make Face ID more reliable and reduce the number of false attempts to read.

Three smartphones will work on the basis of the new A13 processor, manufactured using the 7-nm TSMC process technology. It will have a new component called “AMX” that will perform complex mathematical tasks. This will help reduce the load on the main processor for AR-related tasks.

In addition, the devices will support two-way charging, which allows you to charge AirPods and Apple Watch with iPhone. A new body color will appear. As we reported, it will be a dark green and lavender color for the iPhone.

iPhone 11 Pro will receive a new charge with USB-C

Rumors about the company’s transition from Lightning to USB have been around for the past few years. This year, Apple certainly will not give up on it in smartphones. But, according to ChargerLAB, a company from Cupertino may release a new USB-C charger. With it, the iPhone 11 Pro will receive ultra-fast charging, compared to the current 5 watts.

Also, Apple Pencil may appear in the flagship version of 11 Pro Max. How much this turns out to be true, we learn only at the presentation. To which there is not much left. The event will take place on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.

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