iOS 13 Beta Download and Release Date

Apple is preparing to announce iOS 13 Beta download at WWDC 2019, which will start on June 3rd. While the event was expected with great excitement, new details about iOS 13 appeared.

iPhone and iPad users get together with the long-awaited dark fashion iOS 13 beta. A high-contrast version similar to those in MacOS comes with a dark mode that will be applied across the system.

How to install iOS 13 beta without developer account

  • First, click here to download the developer account to your existing iOS device. Then click on the una iOS 13 beta download √ľn button to download and install the beta version of iOS 13.
  • Click ecek Upload ey button and iOS will ask for your password and then ask for confirmation. Enter your password and confirm the installation.
  • You will need to restart your device once. Then one more time. Check the update by going to the software update from Settings when restarted. You will see the iOS 13 update coming. Although the size of the update varies from device to device, we can say that it will be in GB size.
  • When the update goes down, the download button will appear. iOS will complete the installation and restart the device. Once the process is complete, you can start testing iOS 13.

iOS 13 Beta comes with dark mode!

The iOS 13 beta features include multiple windows. Each window will initially have a feature attached to a portion of the screen, including pages that can be moved freely and separated by a drag gesture.

These cards will also be hidden in a row. The depth effect will be used to indicate which cards are on top and which ones are at the bottom.

The absence of a standard rollback option other than the shake-out function is a common issue for many iOS users.

Assistive Touch

With iOS 13, Apple will offer a new rollback action for text input to the iPad. The new rollback function is expected to be provided with interactive gestures, such as touching left and right, with three fingers in the keyboard area. These actions can be customized by the user, such as the Assistive Touch, as well as improvements.

iOS 13 Fonts

Fonts that allow for restricted changes will also have a big change in iOS 13. It will no longer be necessary to install the device profile to add new fonts to the system. Instead, there will be a new font management panel in Settings, and the system will notify the user when they open a document with the missing font.

Mail application will also become more creative. When searching for categories like other recently updated mail providers; Messages can be categorized as shopping, updates, travel and other categories. Users can also add a read reminder for that mail when they mark an email as posta read later Kullan.

Apple with innovations; She is working on making her own productivity applications, including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, easy to use, along with other document-based applications.

Users; between applications, documents or folders, such as the MacOS Finder in the process of clicking and dragging will be able to do a similar application. That is, users can now select and drag multiple fingers or items from the list to make a selection.

The new information is exciting, but the fact that Apple presents different surprises every year can bring this excitement to a different point. What do you expect from iOS 13? Please specify in the comments ..

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