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iOS 13 Beta 7 Download

Beta version of the latest operating system, which is still under development, has been updated. iOS 13 Beta 7 was released just a week after the release of the previous release, Beta 6.

iOS 13 Beta 7 released!

  • The bottom of the files is back in darker gray
  • The name of the dark world in the control center is more explicit, Apple no longer speaks of appearance but of light or dark mode
  • Photos can be deleted again in iMessage
  • In Mail, blocked senders emails can now be deleted or left in the inbox
  • The display of all photos in Photos has been reviewed with a larger grid
  • Do not disturb mode is synced again between iPhone and Apple Watch
  • The “Rearrange apps” button is moved up when you tap and hold an app icon
  • Screenshots in the beta indicate a keynote on September 10th.

How to install iOS 13 Beta 7

To install iOS 13 Beta 7 on your iPad or iPhone, you need to have a UDID record on your device, that is, a developer account. Another option is to use a developer’s profile. If you have these two features, you can also install and experience Beta 7 on your device. Please note, however, that the operating system is still in the Beta phase and may not operate in a stable manner.

When will iOS 13 come?

The new operating system is expected to be available from September. Apple, as every year, will introduce its new models in September and the operating system will be updated with these models. Apple is expected to introduce both new iPhone 11 models and new members of the iPhone X family this year.


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