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iOS 13 Beta 6 Download

Apple launched the iOS 13 Beta 6 for developers. Shortly after the release of the final version, iOS 13 comes with serious performance improvements.

Apple released the iOS 13 Beta 6 . The update, which was released only 1 week after the beta version, was made available to developers. iOS 13, which will accelerate old-fashioned iPhones and iPads, looks very ambitious in performance.

iOS 13 Features


The new feature “Memoji” can be described as a little more customizable version of Animoji. Memoji, available with iOS 13, can be used for messages and on FaceTime.

Siri Shortcuts

With iOS 13 being smarter, Siri will now be able to perform multi-step operations. These operations, which can be managed through the Shortcuts application, will make your work quite easy.

Screen Time

With Apple’s new time management application Screen Time, you’ll be able to limit your time on your device.

Disturbing Feature

New options added to the annoying feature, is now more intuitive and easier to use.

Apple also re-designed the Stocks applet application and Maps application and with ARKit 2.0, it takes the augmented reality a step further. All the features of iOS 13 can be found in the following news.

How to install iOS 13 Beta 6?

If you have been enrolled in an Apple developer program, you can download the update via the Developer Center to your device. If you have already installed the appropriate beta profile for your device, you can access the update directly from the settings section of your phone.

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