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iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

Apple continues the testing process for the iOS 13 release that was introduced at WWDC 2019. iOS 13 Beta 5 was released two weeks after the fourth beta of the iOS 13, which was shortly released at the exit of the final version.

Introducing new mapping data on iOS 13 Beta 3, Apple offers a variety of small innovations from increasing wallpaper saturation in Beta 5 to the new splash screen for the Photos app.

iOS 13 Beta 5 Download

When the battery health was no longer removed from the beta process, the sounds were changed when a connection was made to FaceTime and the connection was terminated. Available for iPhone and iPad developers, iOS 13 Beta 5 is about 600 MB in size.

The most remarkable point of Beta 5 was the verification of wireless charging for AirPods. The image of the wireless charging box appeared thanks to iOS 13 Beta 5. While there is no big change in design, there is a led light indicating the charge.

The wireless charging box, which is already available when it is introduced in AirPods, is shown in the green light on which the headphones charge.

As you can imagine, you need to have a UDID record, so you need to have a developer account to install iOS 13 Beta 5 on your device. Another option is to use a developer profile.

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