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iOS 13 Beta 10 Download

It would not be wrong to say that Apple has been accelerating software in the last few weeks. After canceling this version due to the error that occurred in the iOS 13 Beta 7 release, the company accelerated the business. The first beta beta 8 release was released right after the beta 7 cancellation. iOS 13 Beta 9 is released within 1 week. Immediately after the release of the new beta versions, iOS 13 Beta 10 was released.

So we saw 4 new beta versions in about 14 days. The successive betas are a sign that Apple is approaching the iOS 13 final. Let’s get to the details for iOS 13 Beta 10 now

Did iOS 13 Beta Bring 10 Changes?

Let’s start with the very confusing part. Unfortunately, no changes have been made to the FaceTime part after iOS 13 Beta 10. The complete 3 beta is not a change in this section, as long as the group interview feature up to 32 people is not activated, Apple’s iOS 13.1 or iOS 13.2 will offer this feature in major updates such as.

Almost the tests are about to be completed, and the final release of iOS 13 is now less than a month away. For this reason, we can make sure that FaceTime will no longer come in the main version. In addition, the size of the new beta is only 70 MB. We can say that the operating system, which we are used to seeing over 300 MB in size, brings some improvements in bug fixes and performance.

On the other hand, with this version, a major security vulnerability may have been closed. Because in this way, intermediate updates, Apple is not a situation that is not a habit. The fact that it remained at 70 MB in size is the clearest indication of this situation. Apart from the changes that we are talking about now, there seems to be no extra feature. If a new feature occurs, you can follow from the site. We will continue to share innovations.

Attachment: Public iOS 13 public beta 8 is also available.

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