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iOS 13.3 Public Beta 2 Released

Apple continues to test its updates to solve software problems found in iOS 13. Another successive beta update has been added. iOS 13.3 Public Beta 2 update released.

iOS 13.3 Public Beta 2 update released!

IOS 13.3 Public Beta 2 was released last week, soon after the release of iOS 13.3 Public Beta 1. Apple’s update moves seem to indicate that problems with the new iOS 13 will be solved in a short time.

Within 3 hours of the release of the iOS 13.3 beta for developers, the company also released the Public Beta version. The company also wants users to experience the problems quickly and report the problems.

iOS 13.3 Public Beta 2 features

With the new update, Safari now supports NFC, USB and Lightning FIDO2 compliant security keys. This feature was available in Beta 1, but was approved for the first time in Beta 2 release features.

Unlike the previous version, the new feature “Communication Limits ile allows you to block unwanted contacts for certain time periods. The obstacle will be unblocked automatically after the time period you set.

Also included is the option to disable Memoji tags in messages. The watch logo was replaced with a gray icon instead of black, and an updated AirPods Pro icon was added to the My Find section. In addition, the News application’s ump Thumps-Up ”and“ Thumbs-Down ”buttons as well as back and forth options to switch between the new update features.

In addition to these design features, many network problems have been resolved with the new beta release. You can sign up for Apple’s beta to download and install iOS 13.3 Public Beta 2. If you already have a profile, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update to start installing the latest beta, or you can expect it to install automatically if ”Automatic Updates” is enabled.

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