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iOS 13.1.2 Beta Download

Apple’s work on iOS 13 began to accelerate. The brand published the iOS 13.1.1 last week. After the release of the new version, we have also mentioned that some important errors have occurred. At first, we saw that the mobile data issue is the agenda. On iPhone smartphones using the iOS 13 operating system, there was no explanation for the problem that caused the WiFi connection to work. In contrast, iOS 13.1.2 Beta has been released and it has been revealed that the problem has been worked on.

Moreover, the only innovation is not limited to this. In addition, steps were taken to make the iOS 13 operating system more stable.

What did iOS 13.1.2 Beta bring?

It is quite difficult to say how innovations come with the new version. Because Apple gave limited information as always about it. Although we have not been able to get full information on what the regulations are, some of the details that have arisen are not available.

iOS 13.1.2 The most remarkable part about the Beta version is the innovation for FaceTime. After iOS 13.1.2 Beta, users can use the ability to add live photos for FaceTime. In addition, iPhone XR notifications developed with iOS version 13.1.1 have been improved.

Probably the problems that are going to solve the problems are the details for the time being. Apart from these details, let’s add that there is no new feature. If a new version is released for both iOS 13.1.2 Beta and a new feature appears in the current version, we will include it on our site.


  1. leo leo

    Thank you. How can I download it?

  2. 李鹏程 李鹏程


  3. chuwei chuwei

    Where can I download the IOS13 description file? Thank you

    • admin admin

      download link will come very soon.

  4. mywei mywei

    Where can I download it? Thank you.

    • admin admin

      download link will come very soon.

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